About the Facilitators

Company Information

The Facilitators Consist of two Senior Directors with more than sixty years of Property Development and Marketing experience (C.E.A.'s). Involved with the NHBRC procedures and applications thereof since it's existence 1997/1998.

We are the One Stop NHBRC Service Centre for all Developers, Contractors and Home Owners.

We act as Facilitators between You and the NHBRC.

We advise and assist all professions involved with the application of "the Act" known as the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act 1998 (Act No 95 of 1998).

We keep our client base informed of the dynamic changes of procedures to improve and enhance the application of "the Act" in all it's aspects.

Our Vision

To communicate to ALL Residential Property Developers, Contractors and Home Owners, the Purpose of The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) being appointed by Government to apply The Housing Consumers Protection Act No 95 of 1998 for all newly built houses.

Our Mission

To assist and advise all Residential Property Developers, Contractors and Home Owners to comply with all procedures and regulations that needs to be implemented by the NHBRC as per The Housing Consumers Protection Act No 95 of 1998 for newly build houses... therefore your Ultimate NHBRC Solution.

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Facilitators Services

  • NHBRC Enrolments >

    We facilitate the whole process for you and advise you on your legal rights.
  • NHBRC Late Enrolments >

    We can advise and assist you with your late enrloments
  • NHBRC Registrations >

    We assist with the registration of builders from start to finish. Contact us for advice and assistance.
  • NHBRC Renewals and Upliftments >

    We facilitate your yearly NHBRC renewals and arrange status upliftments
  • Other NHBRC Related Matters >

    We assist with ALL NHBRC related matters including Technical Interviews, Dolomite & Lime Stone, Selling Price Upliftments, Building Contracts, Quotations,
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