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The Facilitators

Our Expertise

The Facilitators facilitate NHBRC applications on your behalf, allowing you to focus on construction instead of the admin of an NHBRC registration, renewal or enrolment application.

We have the most skin in the game as we started when the NHBRC started and have the biggest team of any other facilitator or runner out there to sort out your NHBRC application.
The Facilitators

What happens next?

Our consultant will reply with a quote and prepare your application.

Once paid, we will submit to the NHBRC and run the application.

We will send the NHBRC’s invoice to you.

You send the proof of payment to us and we will deliver your certificate. 

Can't I apply to the NHBRC myself?


Of course you can, but do you have the time for all this admin and to call and drive the process and follow up with the NHBRC every single day to get your certificate?

With The Facilitators, you save time, petrol and airtime, not to mention, frustration!

Our runners attend the NHRBC offices every single day to expedite your application.

We complete the long application for you.

Our professional and experienced team coordinate between your professionals and visit them on their premises to have the original documents signed.

We advise you and your team exactly what we need to get the application through the first time. You don’t want to go back and forth, do you?  
The Facilitators

Frequently asked questions about the NHBRC

How is the test?

Open book (based on NHBRC SANS Collection book) with 25 questions, mostly multiple choice, and you need 50% to pass and have 1h30mins to complete it on a computer and the closest NHBRC.

When is the test written?

Every day and we book it for your after finding the most suitable timeslot for you.

What are the NHBRC fees?

Registration: R745.61 NHBRC registration fee plus R526.32 annual fee.

Renewal: R 526.32 annual fee

Annual fee Enrolment: based on the selling price, but R 6500 on R 500 000; R11 500 on R 1m; R19 000 on R2m and R 34 000 on R 5m or above.

Exemption: Zero.

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The Facilitators are not part of the NHBRC. We Facilitate a One Stop Service pertaining to all NHBRC Applications, Procedures and Processes to be implemented between the NHBRC and Home Builders.

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