One Stop Between You and the NHBRC

Housing Consumer’s Responsibility


Home Owners must follow the steps below to ensure a successful relationship between themselves and the Home Builder.

Step One:

  • Check the reputation of the Home Builder.
  • Ask to see the Home Builder’s current NHBRC Registration Certificate
  • Telephone the NHBRC to confirm whether the Home Builder is registered and if his registration is current
  • Take the time to inspect some of the homes built and completed by the registered Home Builder.
  • Talk to Home Owners who have made use of the services of the Home Builder before.
  • Make sure the Home Builder gives you a proper contract for the building of your new home.

Step Two:

  • Keep a copy of the written agreement and all other documents.

Step Three:

  • Meet the contractual and financial obligations of the Home Builder.

Step Four:

  • Keep record and proof of all payments made to the Home Builder.

Step Five:

  • When you move into your new home, draw up a list of all the problems and defects (snag list) in your new home and hand it over to Home Builder within ninety (90) days from date of occupation

Important Documents

  • Home Builder’s Registration Certificate (issued by the NHBRC)
  • Home or Residential / Unit (Sectional Title) Enrolment Certificate (issued by the NHBRC)
  • Formal Proof of payment document for the enrolment fee paid to the NHBRC.
  • Building Contract signed by both Housing Consumer and Home Builder along with all appendices.
  • Title Deed in the name of the Homeowner.
  • The Local Council approved plans and specifications of the home.
  • Signed and Bar Coded NHBRC documents (EF003, B1, or ST003) by Competent Person.
  • Competent Person’s design assumptions, calculations, and blocked design diagram(s) in the instance of Technical and Late Enrolments.
  • A copy of the Competent Person’s current Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance.
  • The letter of occupation signed by the new Home Owner on occupation of the house.
  • The snag list (compiled by Home Owner), submitted to Home Builder/Developer within ninety (90) days from date of occupation and proof of submission to Home Builder/Developer