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Architects Frequently Asked Questions

Here are Frequently Asked Questions regarding the NHBRC and The Facilitators.
Please note that The Facilitators consult, advise, and assist with Registrations, Enrolments, Status Upliftments, Renewals, Late Enrolments and all other NHBRC Related applications, procedures, processes, regulations, rules, and any other activities.

What is the Architect’s role in relation to the NHBRC’s applications, processes, procedures, regulations and rules?


The NHBRC will require that the Approved Plans by the Local Council been drawn up by the Architect to contain all relevant information required in terms of The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act No 103 of 1977.

Additional to the above the Council Approved plans must also include:

  • Sections through home showing details of Foundation with Reinforcement
  • Working drawings of House, Foundations with all Pertinent Dimensions.
  • Location and details of all movement joints in the home.
  • Size and location of all masonry reinforcement.
  • Particulars related to specific construction procedures.
  • Precautionary measures when and if applicable.
  • Approved Site Development plans.
  • Approved Floor Layout plans.
  • Approved Elevation plans.
  • Approved Roof plans.

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