The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC)

One Stop Between You and the NHBRC

One Stop Between You and the NHBRC

Home Builder’s Responsibility


As a condition of “The Act”, all Developers, Home Builders must register with the NHBRC, enrol all new homes with the NHBRC and take on the following responsibilities:

  • Register with the NHBRC and maintain your registration annually.
  • Enter into a written agreement with the Housing Consumer.
  • Enrol each new home with the NHBRC and pay the enrolment fee.
  • Ensure that the home is constructed in a workmanlike manner, fit for habitation, constructed in accordance with the NHBRC Technical Requirements and the terms, plans and specifications of the written agreement.
  • Build the house to the NHBRC relevant specifications.
  • Rectify any defects related to design, workmanship, and materials, which occur within ninety (90) days of occupation.
  • Provide a five (5) year warranty on the structural integrity of the new house, i.e. foundation (substructure), walls (superstructure), floor slabs, staircases, roofs, and private drains.
  • Provide a one (1) year warranty on the structural integrity of the roof also including leakages.
  • Get the Homeowner to sign a letter confirming acceptance of occupancy.
  • The registered Home Builder must ensure that both he and the prospective Home Owner complete and sign all relevant documents before construction commences.
  • Home Builders must also comply with NHBRC Regulations and Rules laid down in the Code of Conduct

The warranty scheme only applies to new homes built by Home Builders registered with the NHBRC. The enrolment provided by the registered Home Builder is transferred automatically to anyone who buys the house during the five (5) year warranty period.

Important Documents:

  • The Home Builder’s Registration Certificate (issued by the NHBRC)
  • The Home or Residential Unit (Sectional Title) Enrolment Certificates (issued by the NHBRC)
  • Formal proof of payment for the enrolment fee paid to the NHBRC.
  • Building Contract signed by both Home Consumer and Home Builder along with all appendices.
  • Title Deed in the name of the Home Owner.
  • The Local Council approved plans and specifications of the home.
  • Signed and Bar Coded NHBRC documents (EF003, B1, or ST003) by Competent Person.
  • Competent Person’s design assumptions, calculations, and blocked design diagram(s) in the instance of Technical and Late Enrolments.
  • A copy of the Competent Person’s current Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance.
  • The letter of occupation signed by the new Home Owner on occupation of the house.
  • The snag list (which should be compiled by the Home Owner) within ninety (90) days from date of occupation as well as proof of submission to Home Builder/Developer.

The Facilitators are not part of the NHBRC. We Facilitate a One Stop Service pertaining to all NHBRC Applications, Procedures and Processes to be implemented between the NHBRC and Home Builders.

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