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Competent Persons Frequently Asked Questions

Here are Frequently Asked Questions regarding the NHBRC and The Facilitators.
Please note that The Facilitators consult, advise, and assist with Registrations, Enrolments, Status Upliftments, Renewals, Late Enrolments and all other NHBRC Related applications, procedures, processes, regulations, rules, and any other activities.

How does the Housing Consumer’s Protection Measures Act No 95 of 1998 define a Competent Person?


A Competent Person must be registered in terms of the Engineering Professions of S.A. Act No 114 of 1990 or registered in terms of the National Scientific Professions Act No 106 of 1993 as well as holding the Professional Indemnity Insurance as is prescribed by the NHBRC Council in respect of:

  • The appropriateness of design and construction of homes
  • Compliance with the NHBRC Home Building Manual (2015) and SABS/SANS 10400 2015
  • Any other matter required to be certified in terms of the NHBRC Home Building Manual 2015. See Act No 95 of 1998 Section 1 under Definitions “Competent Persons (a) to (c)”.

What is the responsibility of a Competent Person in relation to NHBRC applications, processes, and procedures?


The Competent Person must confirm soil classification to ensure correct foundation type for the construction of a home.

The Competent Person must be involved in Foundation Design, Rational Design, Non-Standardised Construction related to problem soils such as dolomite, clay, or collapsible sand.

Foundation designs must also resist differential displacement and prevent passage of moisture to the interior of the home. Floors and stairways must safely carry own loads.

Walls design must withstand any load to which it may be subjected to.

Roof design and its components must resist forces which it is likely to be subjected to.

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The Facilitators are not part of the NHBRC. We Facilitate a One Stop Service pertaining to all NHBRC Applications, Procedures and Processes to be implemented between the NHBRC and Home Builders.

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